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Roof Repairs

McKENZIE Roofing can find and repair
just about any leak ...

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New Roof/Extensions

Talk to us for the best advice on the
many roofing options available...

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Roof Replacements

There are alternatives to having your
roof just repaired.

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McKENZIE Roofing (NSW) Pty Ltd

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Roof Materials

Terracotta: are baked clay roof tiles, which come with a 50 year manufacturers warranty.

There is a colour & profile to perfectly compliment the design and character of your home. You can also choose from modern blends & finishes including matte, semi glazed & full glazed.

Terracotta Terracotta

Concrete: come in a range of profiles all with a large range of colour choices. There is also a colour through tile to choose from.

A common fallacy is that concrete roof tiles are impacted by water absorption during severe downpours. Tests over the years have shown that concrete tiles actually absorb less water with age & never does it affect weatherproofing performance. Concrete tiles are also an economical way to finish your home.

Concrete Concrete Concrete

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